FOW Business Road Map


FOW Business Road Map – FOW Business Official

We have successfully traded many forex funds with good returns over the years.

In December 2019 we opened another $ 20 million fund for the development of Fow cryptocurrency and its ecosystem.

January And February we are in global prelaunch to build global communities !

Officially launch global project by the end of February 2020 in Dubai or Bali with core 200 leaders from various different countries….

March 2020 Officially launch forex education platform: FOW academy

Fow school uses FOW cryptocurrency.

April 2020 Launch ewallet app containing FOW Token and some top crypto currencies. April 2020 launched multiple forex brokers who will be accepting Fow Tokens

May 2020 Global launch with participants from 100+ countries !

June 2020 – Continued to update many features for Education Platform in Fow School project.

July 2020 Visiting and studying strategies for senior leaders at UK headquarters

August launch FOW blockchain and continue to organize events in many different global markets.

FOW Business Team


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